Project-based Management of Resources of the RWTH Compute Cluster


IT Center has been operating high-performance computers for many years, which support the facilities and employees of RWTH Aachen University in research and teaching. All members of RWTH Aachen University have free access to the RWTH Compute Cluster. But the amount of resources they can use is limited. Therefore, the DFG (German Research Foundation) demands a procedure for allocating computing resources according to scientific criteria. Thus, project-related resource management should ensure an equitable distribution of the available resources from a scientific and technical point of view.

Above a certain threshold, applications must be made for more resources, which are then reviewed. This means that researchers wishing to use more than the standard quota of cluster resources will have to submit project proposals, which will be subject to a mandatory technical/scientific evaluation. This application process is also open to external German scientists in educational and research institutions.
Students who wish to use more than the specified resource quota can only do so within the framework of university courses, seminars, internships, theses or research projects and only if the respective scientist (Thesis Adviser, Lecturer or Principal Investigator) has submitted a project proposal for calculation.

Further information

Details on the procedure and the required documents can be found in our documentation portal.